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A 17 yrs old girl who loves music, photography, art, fashion, and movies. Jade Thirlwall will be the death of me (that's what happens when you fall for her)..

Jerrie Shipper!!


I just want to look after jade and make her tea and buy her digestives and kill mosquitos for her and protect her at all costs like she doesn’t even need to acknowledge me I just want her to be safe and happy

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I’m just so proud of them. Their voices, their style, their heart. And you look at them and you’re like ‘they really are best-friends’ and it’s such a blessing to have that. I’m happy they have each-other. All of them have strong voices and really know who they are in the group. They can go so far. I really adore those girls, I love them.

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I don’t understand how all Muslims are called terrorists because of what one group of 19 extremist men did 13 years ago.

But white people aren’t called terrorists when they invaded their countries, killed millions of civilians, when they shoot up schools, shoot up movie theaters, and kill random POC. Isn’t that something.

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Jade Thirlwall Appreciation Week

           Day Five: Favourite quote(s): “Sister before misters is a good rule. You never, ever dis one of us for a boy!”

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URL meme - jerriebitchesss

“My URL is pretty [much] based on all the Jerrie moments, like the ass grab and spank etc. :) x”

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JADE THIRLWALL APPRECIATION WEEK | FAVOURITE INTERVIEW MOMENT: “Which music instrument you think would be the best to describe your personality?”

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Jade Thirlwall Appreciation Week

           Day Two: Favourite trait(s)

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OH YES let’s release one direction’s album on the same day fifth harmony’s comes out so once again the women can be overshadowed by the men and take away the girls’ shot at a number one album AMAZING what moron came up with this idea

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Anonymous asked: both the girls & their team piss me off bc they do nothing. no interviews, & they go out 24/7 but 'they're working' on the new album they could have worked during the tour but noooooo sorry I'm furious we're doing everything for them


I’m so fucking done with everyone saying the girls don’t do anything and party all the time. They had a WELL DESERVED week off after their trip to japan and a week off now before they started non stop work for the new album. They’ve been writing and recording in the studio EVERY SINGLE DAY. THEY WERE EVEN IN THE STUDIO ON A FUCKING BANK HOLIDAY. Just because they dont document every single second of their day doesn’t mean they aren’t working. How do you get all these Little Mix songs that you have on your ipod? Or all these incredible music videos? It’s not like they sit around and wait for someone else to write their songs for them. They do it themselves and fuck anyone who thinks they don’t work hard. Little Mix are the hardest working people I know. They sing they dance they write they produce and for who? FOR YOU. And you can’t appreciate it just because you’re still salty that they POSTPONED a tour so YOU can have another album to listen and cry to. I know the whole tour cancellation couldve been handled better but it’s time y’all get the fuck over it. You have no idea what goes on behind the scenes. You have no idea what really happened and why they cancelled the tour so suddenly. You think they didn’t want to do it? That LITTLE MIX THE MOST AMBITIOUS GROUP OUT THERE would not want to tour AMERICA AKA ONE OF THE BIGGEST AND TOUGHEST MUSIC MARKETS??? Fuck all of you who think they don’t work hard or they don’t deserve a break every now and then or that they don’t care about their US fans. Y’all are so fucking ungrateful it makes me sad. You don’t know their schedules. You don’t know how an album is made. It takes a lot of hard work. But it also means that some days Little Mix aren’t needed in the studio. Like songs need a lot of work before they’re “finished” and that’s the producers job. They have to stem it and basically edit the whole thing arrange the vocals add the beats add the layers add the background vocals and idek man. All I know is that a song isn’t produced magically. Neither is an album. It takes time amd effort and it NEEDS time and effort. So just chill with the whole they don’t work enough or party all the time shit ok unless you’re with them in the studio til 1am or at videoshoots dancing the salute routine til 3am or at photoshoots from 6 in the morning don’t fucking tell me they don’t work hard.

And don’t even for one second think that you’re “doing everything for them”. Voting and tweeting hashtags and all that stuff is OUR JOB. ITS THE FANS JOB TO PROMOTE AND SPREAD THE WORD AND BUY THEIR MUSIC. Take a look at other fandoms. They work SO hard. They tweet 24/7 trend 24/7 and we can’t even QUOTE a lousy tweet because HEY THE GIRLS GOT BLESSED WITH A SHITTY FUCKING MANAGEMENT SO LETS GIVE THEM THE FULL TREATMENT AND ADD A SIDE OF SHITTY FUCKING FANBASE AS WELL. THAT’LL MAKE THEM REALLY FUCKING HAPPY.






being a girl is really fucking expensive

hahahahhhAHAHAHAHhahahahahhahahah WHO IS PAYING FOR YOUR DATES


[cricket sounds]

god bless this

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